「Novelty Campaign」

「Novelty Campaign」

6月20日(月)10時より、30,000円(税込)以上ご購入して頂いたお客様に「Step Stool」をプレゼント致します。

Starting June 20th at 10am (JST), we will be gifting a novelty  「Step Stool」with each order of over 30,000円 (tax inclusive). 


・2022年6月20日(月)10:00 ~ 7月10日(日)23:59

・30,000円(税込)以上ご購入の方 (1回のご注文で1個まで)



<Campaign Details>

・June 20th, 2022 10:00  ~ July 10th, 2022 23:59 (JST)

・Place an order over 
30,000円 (tax inclusive). (Only 1 step stool will be gifted with each order)

・Delivery address must be a Japanese address.

※Changes in your order after it has been placed may affect your qualification for a novelty item.

※Novelty item will be shipped together with your order.

※In case of order return, you will be asked to return the novelty item as well.

※We will not accept requests for exchange of the novelty item unless due to reason of manufacture defect.





<Item Detail>

Easy to carry step stool. Can be quickly collapsed by lifting up the seat section. Withstands up to 100kg. Third party tested for strength and impact resistance. Adapts for use in a variety of situations such as,

  • Chair or step stool
  • Platform for cooler boxes etc.
  • Tabletop stand

Versatile design for uses not only limited to the outdoors.