Polyester corduroy with functionality

Corduroy, a classic autumn and winter.
Many people are indispensable for coordination due to its unique texture.

The corduroy incorporated into the product this season is different from the general corduroy, and the material is polyester.
It has water repellency, wrinkles, washable, and functionality not found in cotton corduroy.

The jacket is a unique design that has a double placket.
You can enjoy a variety of coordination, such as raising one collar or opening the front and making the collar stand out.
Because it is a complicated design, why not look for your favorite dress?

Easy bottoms that can be adjusted to the waist with Velcro.
There are many pockets, and those who do not usually have a bag are useful items.
Because it has a D -can on the side, a carabiner and a detachable key chain can be attached, and the bottoms are full of functions.

The slightly deeper crown 6 -panel cap is a classic style that uses a gentle curve brim with the familiar details of the baseball cap.
Since it can be adjusted steplessly with the tape of the back of the head, it can be worn at any size.

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