「meanswhile × CONVERSE」OSS CP


Converse Odessa (Aluminum Grey)
23,100 yen (tax included)
Size: 23cm ~ 29cm

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We will be releasing ``OSS CP/meanswhile'', a collaboration shoe with CONVERSE CAMPING SUPPLY, developed with outdoor specifications based on CONVERSE archives, from 11:00 on Friday, July 14th.

Based on the running shoe "ODESSA" released in 1985, it has been updated to reflect the meanswhile design philosophy.

While retaining the characteristic design of the shoelaces located on the outside of the instep, the shoelaces lock system "SPLC®" is adopted to make it easy to put on and take off the shoes.

In addition, the special gear structure provides excellent attachment/detachment and strong locking force by locking and releasing with one action, achieving high holdability.

The sewing position of the tongue is reversed from the original, which prevents the tongue from getting into the shoe when the foot is put on, reduces rain intrusion, and improves waterproof performance.

This pair has a classic appearance, with a three-dimensional design created by using a combination of suede with layered tones and by filling part of the cushioning material into the tongue.

Please take a look at this along with the image movie created by artist Ryota Nojima.

Converse Odessa (Aluminum Grey)
size : 23cm 〜 29cm

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