Hidden windbreaker

"Corresponds to various situations from town to indoor, indoor to cabin"
A 2way fleece jacket with a built -in windbreaker on the waist hem.

The fleece jacket with excellent heat retention is a reliable ally for fall and winter.
However, fleece materials are weak in wind, and they may feel cold when blown outdoors.
"PolarTec® Fleece Overwrap JKT" is an excellent one that overcomes such weaknesses.

This model adopts Polartec® Micro Fleece as a material.
By brushing the surface, an air layer is created in the dough, achieving excellent heat retention.
It is lightweight, warm, has excellent quick -drying, and has moderate breathability.
In addition, it has a high durability, has a moderate volume, and has excellent comfort and feel.

However, the biggest feature of this model is that the hem has a built -in windbreaker.

When it is chilly, you can increase the windproof by pulling out the windschel and putting it on the fleece.

By rolling the jacket from the hem and fixing it with a sleeve buckle, it can be used as a simple neck pillow.
It can be used in airplanes.

A versatile item that demonstrates your ability in various situations.

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