【Neutral Runner】

The first original sneaker of the brand.

The Canadian trainer with a strong impression of the mesh supers that omitted all extra decorations, and the characteristic leather usage combined the popular germantrainer.


Meanswhile's First Original Sneaker.

A Canadian Trainer Featuring a Sleek Mesh Upper and Leather Usage Typically Found in German Trainers.

As a result of a consciousness of both designs, he was born as a mines wile.

The fabric switching part is pinched with a reflector, and the surrounding part is also a reflective specification.


A Combination of the Two Designs ARE Interpreted Through a UNIQUELY MEANSWHILE LENS.

Reflective Piping Denotes Changes in Fabric, While The Tongue Also Features Reflective Material.

Use Vibrum Sole for Sour.

Vibrum Sole is a Sole manufacturer of Vibram (Vibram) in Italy, and is used for various shoes such as mountain climbing shoes, work boots, sneakers, etc.It is a su-Sole specialized manufacturer.

It is hard to slip and durable, and it exerts a grip force on the wet ground.

Its Vibram soles are produced by the Italian company Vibram, the world’s number 1 specialty sole maker, and are known for their widespread use in everything from mountaineering shoes to work boots and sneakers.

Slip-Resistant and Durable Even On Wet Surfaces.


It is an original sneaker that is compatible with the Sole, design and functions with RG system for piping.

Unique Piping and RG System Sole Detail Combine With Design and Function to Create An Original Sneaker.

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