BLur trouser (NAVY) / MW-PT22104

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Item Description

Two-tack trowser using hollow thread twill.

We adopt a relaxing tack design from waist to hip.

It tapes a tapper to the hem, and produces a beautiful silhouette when wearing.

Hidden stitches, west tengu, brought out, center crease, etc., slack design, etc., etc.

The side of the hem can be opened and closed with a button, and opened by opening a silhouette change as a boot cut. Development of the jacket to be set up.

Materials used are characterized by matte looks and dry texture.

There is a moderate repulsive force and firmness, and a material with high restoring power is used as a wrinkle.

Hollow Fiber Twill Two Tuck Trouser.

Relaxed Waist and Hip, Two Truck Design. Slight Taper for A Clean Silhouette.

Classic Slack Pant Details Such As Hidden Stitches, Fly Closure, and Center Crease.

CUFF OpenS Up to Create Boot Cut Shape.

Matching Jacket Available. Dried Textured, Matte Fabric Has Both Bounce and Wrinkle Resistant Properties.



West / WAIST, Hip / HIP, Crotch / Rise, Inseam / Inseam

1 (s)
Waist 78cm Hip 108.5cm Crotch 30.7 cm 67.5cm

2 (m)
West 83cm Hip 113.5cm Crotch 31.2 cm 69 cm

3 (L)
West 88cm Hip 118.5 cm Crotch 31.7 cm Increased 70.5 cm

4 (XL)
Waist 93cm Hip 123.5cm Crotch 32.2cm 72 cm

Weight / Weight
450 g


Model info

Height / Height
178 cm

Body weight / weight

Wear color / Color Worn

Wear size / SIZE WORN
3 (L)



Polyester 100%



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