CRISP NYLON Luggage Cargo Shorts (Blue Grey) / MW-PT22105


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Item Description

Cargo shorts incorporating slacks down based on the design of cargo pants.

We adopt a relaxing tack design from waist to hip.

Tack volume and the presence of cargo pockets are as good as an accent.

The west can be adjusted by the waving belt.

The cargo pocket is with a holder that imitates the mall system.

Paper-like firm polyester is adopted as the material.

It also has stretching and initial water repellent performance.

Slack Detailed Cargo Shorts.

Relaxed WAIST AND HIP, Two Truck Design.

Voluminous Tuck and Cargo Short Pockets Combine to A Harmonious Accent.

Adjustable Side Webbing Belt.

Smaller INNER POCKETS Located Inside The Large Outer.

Bouncy, Paper-Like Polyester Fabric.

Stretch and Initial Water Repellency Properties.



West /WAIST, Hip/ HIP, Create / RISE, Inseam / Inseam

1 (s)
West 82cm Hip 118 cm Crotch 34cm Inseam 19cm

2 (m)
West 87cm Hip 123 cm Crotch 34.5cm Inseam 19.5 cm

3 (L)
West 92cm Hip 128cm Crotch 35cm Inseam 20cm

4 (XL)
Waist 97cm Hip 133cm Crotch 35.5 cm Inseam 20.5 cm

Weight / Weight
350 g


Model info

Height / Height
178 cm

Body weight / weight

Wear color / Color Worn
Blue Grey

Wear size / SIZE WORN
3 (L)



Polyester 100%



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