Feather Smooth Shade Cap (Charcoal) / MW-HT22104

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Item Description

Shade cap using polyester taffeta with high moisture-permeable water repellent.

The unevenness of the unvisible level of surface and the structure of the dough are slipped down by the woven fabric.

Non-laminating also releases the molasses inside the fabric.

The shade part can be removed with a snap button.

MoiSture Permeable, Water Repellent Polyester Taffeta Shade Cap.

Features An Uneven Surface Texture Not Detectable by The Naked Eye THAT Allows Water Droplets to Slide OFF.

Non-Laminate Finish Allows for Breathability.

Snap Button Removable Neck Shade.



Around the head/ AROUND THE HEAD
61 cm

Weight / Weight
60 g



Polyester 100%



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