Fly Side OP SH (Charcoal) / MW-SH21201


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L / S-shirts that have dropped slit designs connected to both arms from both outer hemes, which are mainly adopted as an outer design.

Place the same design as the front components part on both sides and open and close with the button. In addition, the handwarmer pocket is built in the back of the wing that was charged on both sides.

Hiding a brand lion with a very hand-embedded detelled detelled deter.

Use trinity chambray fabric that expressed plain with 3 color yarns.

Two colors of the vertical, one color of one color and a total of three colors, and the fabric, which is a target color is set, and the element contained in that color is 1BASE (the basis of the basis), 2HI -light (brightest element), 3noise (miscellaneous miscellaneous miso) and extracted into three elements.

By creating a new color that emphasizes each element, it is re-woven, it has created a shade that can not be made in a simple post-dyeing, and it has created a colorful shape rich in plastic placement.

A shirt with a golden ratio that arrived at the end of various verification until the balance of the number of threads, the number of foils and drivers as a comfortable clothing, and how to enter the wrinkles and wrinkles.


Normally applied to outerwear design, this shirt features a slit design that extends from the side hem of the shirt through the length of both arms, and is adjustable via the same type of buttons featured on the front.

Side Hand Warming Pockets. True to the Meanswhile Philosophy, A Visually Simple Design CAN BE Unraveled to Showcase Design Driven Details Underneath.

3 Thread Trinity Chambray Collar Shirt.

Featuring two warp threads and one weft thread of varying colors, the final color of this piece was the result of the dissection of 3 factors: 1Its base color, 2Hi-light (its brightest component), and 3Noise (visual interest).

By Emphasizing These Three Components and Further Enhancing It Through Weaving Techniques, Nuanted Colors with New Depth ARE CREATED THAT OTHERWISE WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE IN TRADITIONAL PIECE DYEING.

The Fabric Itself Is The Product of Various Testing From How It Wrinkles and Reacts in the Washing Machine, To The Balance of Thread Quality and Count.



Length /Length, Chest/ CHEST, Sleeve Length/ SLEEVE

1 (s)
Length 81.5cm Chest 130 cm Sleeve length 53.5 cm

2 (m)
Length 83..5cm chest 135 cm Sleeve length 55 cm

3 (L)
Length 85.5cm Chest 140 cm Sleeve length 56.5 cm

4 (XL)
Length 87.5cm Chest 145 cm Sleeve Length 58 cm


 Model info

Height / Height
178 cm

Body weight / weight

Wear color / Color Worn

Wear size / SIZE WORN
3 (L)







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