LEATHER MONEY CLIP (Light Grey) / MW-AC20204

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Item Description

Standard Money Clip Using a Spring Matter.

It is a characteristic of shrinkage in the stage of tanning, and a material that is compatible with softness and strength is adopted.

It is also characterized by changing the expression of Shiva.

It is finished in size by reducing the leather thinly thinner and reducing the thickness and fits in the chest pocket of the shirt and outerwear.

The card pocket is 4 places and the coin pocket adopting the spring mouth by adopting the spring mouth.

The bracket part is gold-plated and used with a polishing and gloss.

Spring Loaded Wallet. Soft Yet During, Shrink Leather Construction.

Will Age Beautifully with Time and Wear.

ITS Thin Design Allows IT to Be Inconspicuously Placed in Breast and Pant Pockets.

4 Card Pockets. Spring Loaded Coin Case. Gold Plated Hardware.



Vertical / LENGTH horizontal / width thickness / Height
L: 8.5cm, W: 11.cm, H / 1 cm






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