Satin Flannel Blur Trouser (NAVY) / MW-PT21203


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Item Description

Pants that adopted a taught mesh design with a hips from the waist.

A tapered tapered and tapper and produces a beautiful silhouette when it is wearing. Hidden stitches, Waist Tengu, Brunch, and use the design of Slacks, such as center creaths (only knee parts).

Both the hem can open and close with a button, and open the change in silhouette like bootcuts.

Expand the jacket to be setup.

We adopt material with fine hair and elegant gloss and unique tromure feeling.

It has become a design that creates a sense of characteristic draping from a certain waist of a tack specification.

Development of different type models of the same type.

Two Tuck Detail Extends From The Back to the Hip of these pants.

Slightly Tapered Silhouette.Features Classic Slack Pant Details Such As Hidden Stitching and Center Press Design.

Outfitted with Two Buttons at The Bottom of Each Leg In Order to Transform The Leg Into Boot-Cut.

Coordinating Coat Available.

Napped Satin Fabric. Mild Sheen.

ITS Two Tuck Design Uniquely Drapes on the body of Each Wearer.



West /WAIST, Hip / HIP, Crotch / RISE, UIS / INSEAM

1 (s)
Waist 78cm Hip 108.5cm Crotch 30.7 cm Inseam 66.5 cm

2 (m)
West 83cm Hip 113.5cm Crotch 31.2 cm 68 cm

3 (L)
West 88cm Hip 118.5cm Crotch 31.7cm Inseam 69.5cm

4 (XL)
West 93cm Hip 123.5cm Crotch 32.2 cm Inseam 71 cm


Model info

Height / Height
178 cm

Body weight / weight

Wear color / Color Worn

Wear size / SIZE WORN
3 (L)







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