Satin Flannel Over Short Coat (NAVY) / MW-JKT21203


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Item Description

Over-size blouson of a coin winged part with a large chinst part.

If you wear it, it will be a silhouette like a short coat, and it will look at the atmosphere that it is a first time glance, but it will be roughly tightened to roughly equipped with a shirt specification cuff.

Concil dips are packed on both sides and can access pants of the pants. Pants that are setup are also developed.

We adopt material with fine hair and elegant gloss and unique tromure feeling.

It is a design that produces a characteristic drape by the faulty for shoulder when wearing over sizing.

Button Collared, Oversized Coat. Slightly Elongated, This Elegant Coat Features "Rough" Details Such As Traditional Shirt Cuff Inspired Sleeves.

Two Hidden Side Zippers Allow for Access Into Inner Pant Pockets. Coordinating Pant Available.

Napped Satin Fabric. Mild Sheen.

ITS OVERSIZED FIT UNIQUELY Drapes Down The Shoulder of ITS Wearer.



Length /Length, chest / chest, sleeve length / saleve

1 (s)
Length 81 cm Chest 138 cm Sleeve Length 53 cm

2 (m)
Length 83 cm Chest 143 cm Sleeve length 54.5 cm

3 (L)
Length 85cm Chest 148 cm Sleeve Length 56 cm

4 (XL)
Length 87 cm Chest 153 cm Sleeve length 57.5 cm


【Model info】

Height / Height
178 cm

Body weight / weight

Wear color / Color Worn

Wear size / SIZE WORN
3 (L)







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