Suede split hat (charcoal) / mw-ht21204

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A hat featuring an outdoor church design with a separate brim that has been spent back and forth.

A jaw strap has passed at the waist part that is the boundary of crown and rear brim.

When the jaw strap tightens, the rear brim is covered by the ear, and is a design that plays the role of the ear.

Soft and lightweight and durable pig suede.

Plus a luxury atmosphere.

Front and Back Separated, Outdoor Influenced BRIM HAT.

A Draw Cord Runs The Back Circumference of the Hat.

When Tightened, IT Draws The Sides Closer to the Ears.

Soft, Light Weight Pig Suede for a Luxurious Feel.



Around the head/ AROUND THE HEAD
61 cm

Weight / Weight
133 g


Model info

Wear color/ Color Worn



Pig suede




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