Trinity Cloth Over JKT (OFF BLACK) / MW-SH21101


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Item Description

High density twill material shirt jacket using cotton cotton silk.

Use a three-way mixed material that combines Siupima Cotton grown in southwestern United States and french linen grown in northern France.

Soft and sinking Superima Cotton, with a sense of french linenen with a sense of humid, a thin and light glossy silk, and mixing a material with a different characteristic with the best balance, so it's a heavy duty texture and dresswear in crude. It has a sense of touch with a sense of luxury and a characteristic of conflicting one fabric.

Use fasteners in chest pockets accessed from side.

Design accessories pockets using chest pocket parts as a flap.

The side seam places a hand pocket.

Twill Comprised of Cotton Hemp Silk Is Tightly Woven to Produce This THIT JACKET.

In Addition, Supima Cotton From America's Southwest, and Linen From the North of France ARE Utilized in this Tripartite Fabric.

In Combining The Softness of Supima Cotton, The Body of French Linen and Slight Luster of Silk, this Jacket Embodies a Rough Texture While Being Soft On the Skin.

Features A Flapped Zippered Chest Pocket Which Is Designed to Hold Small Items.

Hand Pockets ARE ALSO Located ALong Both Side Seams.



Length /Length, Chest/ CHEST, Sleeve Length/ SLEEVE

1 (s)
Length 76.5cm Chest 130 cm Sleeve length 53.5 cm

2 (m)
Length 78.5cm Chest 135cm Sleeve Length 55 cm

3 (L)
Length 80.5cm Chest 140 cm Sleeve length 56.5 cm

4 (XL)
Length 82.5cm Chest 145 cm Sleeve Length 58 cm


【Model info】

Height / Height
178 cm

Body weight / weight
68 kg

Wear color / Color Worn

Wear size / SIZE WORN
3 (L)



COTTON 53%, LINEN 24%, SILK 23%




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