Water Proof Dry Hat / MW-HT21204

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3 Split hat using layer material.

A film having a high moisture permeability performance was further crimped and the waterproof performance was improved by crimping a film having a water resistant to 25000 Pa or more.

By cutting the hood part from the side to the front, it was designed as a hat that could cover the hood from above.

Reflector with reflector door.


3 Layer Split Hat. Moisture Permeable Fabric Is Fused with Waterproof Film Underneath That Can Withstand UP to 25000Pa of Water Pressure Resistance.

A Cut in the BriM Allows This To Be Worn Under Hoods Wit Resistance.

Reflector Draw Cord Detail.



Around the head/ AROUND THE HEAD
61 cm

Weight / Weight
60 g



Polyester 100%



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