Wax Leather Money Clip (D.Green) / MW-AC22104

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Item Description

Standard Money Clip Using a Spring Matter.

Using wax leather, gloss increases every time you use, and you can enjoy the change of aging.

It is finished in size by reducing the leather thinly thinner and reducing the thickness and fits in the chest pocket of the shirt and outerwear.

The card pocket is 4 places and the coin pocket adopting the spring mouth by adopting the spring mouth.

The bracket part uses the one that brushed brass.

Spring Loaded, Standard Money Clip.

Wax Leather Will Age with Time and Wear.

Thin Leather Allows This Piece To Be Inserted Into Shirt and Outer Pockets Without Bulk.

4 Card Case, Spring Loaded Coin Pocket Detail.

Polished Brass Hardware.



Vertical / Length, Horizontal / Width, Thickness / Height

Vertical 8.5 cm, horizontal 11.cm, thickness 1 cm

Weight / Weight
58 g






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