Wool Wrap PT (Charcoal) / MW-PT20101

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Wrap pants using tropical cross of eyebrows wool.

This fabric, a typical material of summer wool, is excellent in breathability and features natural firmness that is difficult to become wrinkles.

Wool is a ventilation function of absorbing and releasing moisture, with the ventilation function of absorbing and releasing moisture by the outside air, and has an antibacterial activity, so it is also comfortable for high temperature and humid Japanese summer. Material.

Furthermore, when the oil of the fiber surface plays water, he also has the characteristics and has a natural functional material.

Using Thai Pants Details and easy to wear.

Waist adjustment is a waving belt specification.

Arrange D can be placed on the side of the left and right.



A Staple of Summer Wool, this Fabric is Characteristically Known for Its Ventilation, and Wrinkle-Resistant Properties.

In Addition to its Natural Sheen, Wool's Ability to Absorb and Release Moisture All While Being Anti-Microbial Makes IT The Perfect Fabric for Japan's Humid Summer.

Thai Pant Waist Allows for Easy Put On and Take Off. Adjustable Webbing Belt.



West /WAIST, Hip/ HIP, Create / RISE, Inseam / Inseam

1 (s)
West 111cm Hip 112cm Crotch 41.5 cm Increased 60 cm

2 (m)
West 116cm Hip 117cm Crotch 42cm Inseam 62 cm

3 (L)
Waist 121cm Hip 122 cm Crotch 42.5 cm Increase 64 cm

4 (XL)
Waist 126cm Hip 127 cm Crotch 43cm 66 cm



Wool 100%



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