X-PACTM "Paper Box" (OFF BLACK) / MW-AC21201


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Item Description

Paper case using X-PAC.

Dimension-polyant X-PAC and waterproof tape are enhanced by lightweight and durable Dimension-Polyant's X-PAC and waterproof tape.

The bottom opening is a roll top and can be adjusted by the size of one that stores it.

By adding the buckles, it can be fixed in various places because it can be fixed at the bottom or at the bottom.

If it is upside down, it can be used not only as a paper case but also as a utility pouch.


X-PactM Tissue Box.

WaterProofed with Seam Tape.

Expandable to Accommodate Items Inside.

Buckles CAN Connect Horizontally or Vertically Across The Bag-Allowing Attachment to Other Bags.

CAN ALSO BE Opened Up and Used As A Utility Pouch.



Horizontal / Width, height / Height, depth / depth
W: 24 cm, H: 23 cm, D: 12 cm

Weight / Weight
140 g



NYLON 100%




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