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Item Description

eye_C magazine is an online platform based between Europe and New York focusing on providing coverage and news on fashion and culture through articles and different forms of original content such as editorials,features and interviews.

eye_C's 5th edition is available in 3 different covers featuring nonnative, visvim and Veilance.

nonnative's 40th collection sees a large feature alongside meanswhile and FACETASM's designer Ochiai Hiromichi with his Family Mart "Convenience Wear."

Appearances by 1LDK、DAIWA PIER39、is-ness、StudioNicholson round out the edition focused on the AW21 season.

Limited copies available in Japan. Actual product is also available in our flagship store.



・Pages: 192P
・300gsm Glossy Cover
・130gsm Silk Coated Paper Inside


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