The "CORDURA® NYLON DAYPACK" Common "", which can be used as a sakosh and shoulder back, has been restocked by the front pocket independently.

Design that combines multifunctionality and convenience.
Depending on the scene used, remove the front pocket and change to a more stalish backpack.

If you go out in the neighborhood, it is recommended that you use only one -touch front pockets with magnet buckles as sakosh and shoulder back.

The overall capacity is about 29.24L, so
It is useful even in a travel scene of about 2 days and one night.

You can carry it compactly as a sakosh or shoulder bag for a small outing on your trip.

The material is a lightweight and durable Cordura nylon from Invista.
Special urethane coding has high waterproofness and tear strength, perfect for everyday use.

Please try it.

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