Denim fabric production area This is a fabric dyed dye dyed indigo rope dyed in the Bingo area of ​​Hiroshima Prefecture, which has more than 100 years of history.

The jacket is based on the design of the vintage denim jacket, and also drops the action pleats on both sides of the front, which functions as a gusset, to the back of both sleeves.

It functions as a design accent while greatly increasing the range of motion of the arm.

By adopting a wide body width, it can be used as an oversized blouson that can be worn from a thick knit.

The pants have been reconstructed MeanSwhile classic wrap pants, which are practically designed with Thai pants details.

5 Pocket denim designs are changed without breaking the design, and the waist uses cotton twill tape.

Various dresses are possible depending on how to fold the tack on the waist.

In addition to washing processing, the damage processing of the pleats is finely reproduced.
The white color is woven with the vertical thread on the surface and the weft on the back with black.

Damage processing brings a moderate accent to the expression of the fabric.


It is a product that can be enjoyed as a single or setup.

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