This article was originally published in "Solotex Online" in January 2022.

Naohiro Fujisaki re-interprets military wear. What is Solotex Hybrid "Delta SLX" Fabric? 

"More than every day wearing clothes, clothes are not costumes but tools," continuing clothes as "the tool closest to the body", meanswhile.

In 2019, awarded TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2020 and is a good brand that is also attracting attention from the world.

meanswhile, which has adopted various "Solotex" even in the previous season, is the hybrid material "Delta SLX" that was adopted in the 2022 SS season.

What is the attraction that the brand that continues to pursue functionality is "Delta SLX"? I heard the story of the designer Fujisaki.

Please tell me about the meanswhile brand concept.

A brand that concepts that the decorative detells are excluded, and the concept of making functionality specialized clothes is MEANSWHILE. I started in the fall and winter in 2014, so this year is the eighth year.

When making clothes, are often making use of a scene or application?

First of all, it is often to decide the purpose of "What is the clothes for the clothes" and decide the way to go there. However, it is not necessary to make a little use from there, for example, not making it as a clothes to climb mountains, but from there, it is more than designing it. Because it is "daily arrival".

How many materials are chosen as meanswhile?

Because it emphasizes functionality, it is often chosen to choose synthetic fiber. However, since there is a goodness of natural things, we have selected materials while conscious of natural materials every season as a variation.

There is also possible to use lax fibers such as natural fibers, and by devising weaving and knitting, it is also possible to function functionality to natural fibers. It is not only one of the natural fiber / synthetic fibers, rather than just.

By doing so, inspiration will come from the material and I think "Let's make such an item".

What was the reason why he began to adopt "Solotex"?

At first, the lightweight "octa" was high, sweat-absorbent quick-drying, attracted to a fabric with a heat shielding function, and I was interested in Teijin Frontier. From there, you know "Solotex" and you will be used as a material since two years ago.

Among them, it was a coat and pants made with the "Solotex Sinex" of Looks like natural materials, especially. With a high-density matte matte texture, it is finished in a unique form with a sense of luxury when it is tailored. Moreover, while being a solid silhouette, it is possible to wear comfortably without disturbing the movement limit. Until then, meanswhile was a weak brand, but after that pants are also attracted attention.

Do you have a concept or consciousness, etc. to design a 2021 spring summer collection this time?

There is a word "Form Follows Function", "Form Follows Function", that is, "Form Following Function", "Form Follows Function,", "Form Follows Function Following Functions," in the Design I'm thinking. That's why meanswhile has come to one proposition from the launch of the brand.

However, I think that there is also a way of thinking that "Function Follows Form" is originally found to find functionality in the original, "FUNCTION FOLLOWS form". For example, if you take a falling stone as an example, you think that it may be such as picking up a sharp stone and used for a knife or a stimulated stone or a hammer.

I think that the origin of the tool was also the like, so I thought that "Function Follows Form" and "Form Follows Function" were considered to think about "FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION" and "clothes as a tool" was conscious about this season.

I think that it can be said that the way of designing as a fashion or a collection made by thinking about tools and various things.

From the item of such a 2022 SS season, we will introduce this time a flight jacket that uses this waffle knitting "Delta SLX".

It is based on the British Air Force flight jacket called Royal Air Force, but the details of the collar, which is the most characteristic collar, and functionality are expressed as different functions from the original jacket.

"BeauFort Flight JKT"

Specifically, the collar detail is for the hose of the oxygen mask, but it is possible to store the hood there and to make a collar and make a unique silhouette. In other words, a fashion approach is also done at the same time as you have another function.

The waffle part used for sleeves is "Delta SLX". "Solotex" is added to "Delta" function, and in addition to characteristics such as morphological stability and stretchability, it is a hybrid material that is difficult to catch, and characteristics of convertibility and UV cutability. . Why did you choose this material?

The sleeve is a mesh with a prototype flight jacket, but that part was I thought that I wanted to replace it with other materials, and I met this waffle weave "Delta SLX". I thought that this waffle would do a modern hammer.

I think that the tape part is inherent to prevent the elongation of the mesh, but I think that it makes a good match with the waffle material. When the sample came up, I felt the response that the material and design apply successfully. Since it is a large silhouette, I think that you can coordinate when you get along with a slender bottom smell.

And setup made of "Delta SLX" of the same waffle knitting.

As it is setup made of one miles wear, we made a relaxing atmosphere with a large width.

I think from the swimwear, and the hem is a separate material like a supporter. Of course it will be worn by one sheet, but I think it would be nice to have Long T, Tights, etc., and to enjoy the layered.

How was it how to use this waffle knitting "Delta SLX"?

In addition to being good for kickback, it is good that it seems to be more durable than the waffle of cotton material. It is also an excellent material that can be used as an outer material as a material that touches the skin.

I think that various "Solotex" has been adopted so far, but please tell me if you think that such a function is attached.

I have a private camp, but in the outdoor field it wears waterproof clothes. However, since waterproofing clothes are often fiber-fibrilly, the flour flour flies when the bonfire flies fluffy. It is good if there is a fiber that combines flame retardancy and waterproof function.

Alternatively, I think that it is coming out of the world, such as natural fiber, but it is likely to be out of the world, but fashion love seems to like a rough feeling, touching the touch and texture a little more look I think that there is something

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