【meanswhile × Dickies®】

Collaboration product with Dickies.

Needless to say, a work casual brand born in Texas, United States.
In the 1940s, it was recognized for its reliable making, producing more than 9 million uniforms for the U.S. Army as a government -approved clothing.



Dickies (Dickies) fabric is a T/C twill made in a row of 65 % polyester and 35 % cotton royal roads. It is excellent in breathability and quick -drying, and is hard to wrinkle and has a good texture and good texture.
Using the discerning Dickies fabric, we have made a setup that symbolizes the "design with design", which is an interpretation of the theme of this season.


The jacket pattern is a vintage denim jacket as a motif.
The length is short and the width is wide and the ease of movement is emphasized.
In addition, action pleats with a function as a gusset,
"Both sides of the front"
"Both sleeves back"
Incorporated in and achieved further ease of movement.

The pants are very thick straight silhouettes.


The specifications of the belt loop and the West part with excellent functionality have adopted Dickies (Dickies) projects as they are.

The waist is a MeanSwhile classic Thai pants specification.
It is easy to adjust the size, so you can choose your favorite silhouette.
Please try a collaboration with the historical workwear brand Dickies.

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