Original sneakers for the first brand.

A combination of a Canadianant trainer who has a strong mesh upper, which has a strong impression of a mesh upper without any extra decorations, and a popular German trainer.

As a result of both designs, a pair of solutions as Means Villes was born.

The piping of the reflector is sandwiched between the fabric switching part, and the shoe tongue is also a reflective specification.

Vibram sole is used for the sole.

Vibram sole is the sole manufactured by Italian vibram, and is the No. 1 world in various shoes such as mountaineering shoes, work boots, and sneakers.It is a manufacturer specializing in sole.

It is hard to slip, durable, and demonstrates grip on wet ground.

It is an original sneaker that focuses on both design and functions, a sole equipped with an RG system for unusual piping.

The product list isHerefrom