Military Roll Dry Tee(Off White) / MW-CT24208

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Item Description

Dry T-shirt made of water-absorbing, quick-drying material based on the phenomenon known as capillary action.

Capillary action is the principle that water rises through thin tubes due to its surface tension, and by applying this to the fabric, sweat on the skin is moved to the outside of the shirt for quick diffusion and drying.

The material has a silky touch that gives a comfortable feeling on the skin, and features a fit that can be worn both as an inner layer or just by itself.

In addition, it has UV-cut functionality and can be worn in a variety of situations.

The design features a print on the back which acts as a guideline for compactly rolling the T-shirt using what is known as a military roll.


Size Spec

1 (S)
Length 68cm Shoulder 45cm Chest 102cm Sleeve 21cm

2 (M)
Length 71cm Shoulder 47cm Chest 108cm Sleeve 22cm

3 (L)
Length 74cm Shoulder 49cm Chest 114cm Sleeve 23cm

4 (XL)
Length 77cm Shoulder 52cm Chest 120cm Sleeve 25cm




Polyester 100%


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