"Summer accessory"

The summer performance that will be coming to the end.
Are you ready for accessories?

First of all, the product I would like to introduce is "Transition Color Glasses"

In addition to the colored dimming performance that is colored outside, it has a polarized performance that cut outdoors and rebellion.Sunglasses using dimming lenses.

The lens color has changed from transparent to sunglasses in response to ultraviolet rays such as sunlight outdoors.

If you enter the room, you will return slowly in about 30 seconds.

Since the concentration changes according to the amount of ultraviolet light, you can spend comfortably all day without tiredness.

The frame is made by a glasses maker in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture.

We are also particular about the temple that draws a gentle curve and the shape of the nose.

Transition Color Glasses "Neutral Color"
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And similar to the above productsDimmingThere is another type of sunglasses using lenses, hereAdopt flip -up design.

You usually lower the front and use it as a glasses, and when you look down at hand, push up the front to temporarily become naked.

Please experience the functional beauty that pursues a comfortable structure that can switch focus without removing it.

Flip-Up Transition Color Glasses "Neutral Color"
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Finally, shade cap.

Uses polyester fabric fabric with high moisture and moisture -repellent properties.
It has a structure in which the water droplets slide down by the invisible level of unevenness and how the fabric is woven.

In addition, non -laminated processing allows sweat and moisture quickly to release from the inside to the outside, keeping the stuffiness is and keeps a comfortable state.

The shade part can be removed with a snap button.
It is also used as a cap.

The adjuster on the back of the head can be easily adjusted with one hand.

All three colors.

Feather Smooth Shade CAP
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A summer accessory that makes the hot summer comfortable.
Please take a look.