"For summer activities"

There are many activities outside in summer, such as outdoor, camping, leisure and marine sports.

We will introduce the product that is perfect for such a summer activity.

A bottle made of double wall true insulation material.
Keep your favorite drink for a long time or warm.

This product isThe entrepreneur Brine Papa was launched in Seattle, USA in 2010, and is made by MIIR, which is developed in a wide range of products, from everyday to outdoor scenes, such as tumblers and bottles.

Part of revenue is used in the "GivingProject" that helps people and people where transportation means, education, and clean water are not available, and it is possible to participate in the project just by purchasing.

In addition, each product has a tracking code, so you can track and see what projects used for purchase funds.

I deeply sympathize with these non -products.

MIIR Wide Mouth Bottle 20oz
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Next, a completely waterproof roll -top bag made by steaming the tarpoline.

It will surely be useful when going to the sea, river, or pool.

Since the capacity can be changed according to the number of rolls winding, luggage can be stored just in various scenes.

The buckle part has a D -can, so you can put your luggage externally with a carabiner, etc., so that the shoulder belt is removable.

Waterproof Dry Sack
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Finally,Folding steps tool.

It is naturally folded just by lifting the seat, so it has excellent portability and storage, and can be stored in a small gap.

It is easy to bring out outdoors on the car, and it is also used as a pedestal for visitor's chairs, steps, and cooler boxes, along with everyday use, such as chairs and side tables.

Military -like designs that shine both indoors and outdoors are also important.

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Please take a look at the products that will enjoy this summer even more.