"Cordovan Money Clip"

The fresh green season.
Why don't you renew your wallet in May when your heart turns?

MeanSwhile's standard is "Cordovan Money Clip"

We have adopted European cordovan, which is considered to be the finest.
In addition to the unique glossy feeling created from the densely clogged fiber layer, it is highly durable and resistant to tearing.

In addition, the thickness is reduced by straining the leather as thin as possible, and the size is finished in the shirt and outer chest pocket.

Four card pockets are used, and coin pockets are used to use a spring mouth to take into account the functional and storage capacity.

From calm colors to eye -catching colors, all 5 colors are available so that you can choose according to your own lifestyle.

Did you have a favorite color?

Please consider a new wallet with the beginning of summer.