"Dope Dyed"

"DOPE DYED" that expresses a vintage expression and wrinkles that have been washed in by dyeing the liquid.
Incorporated into three products.

First,A hunting jacket inspired by the Fireman Court.

It has a very complicated structure, such as a double -colored part that continues from the chest flap.

Detachable Game SUCK HUNTING JKT
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A thin shirt hoody, which is useful at this time, has an eye catch with the half zip part of the front and accents the styling.


With a spacious sizing, you can enjoy it for a long time depending on the inner.

Dope Dyed Hooded Blouson
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The pants are double knee pants.


It is characterized by a design that combines the elements of the work by hanging the military element from the waist and below the waist.

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All products are somewhat loose.
The color of the shampelle is shaded, combined with the wrinkles on the surface, creating a unique atmosphere.