"Paper touch"

Four products featuring paper -like touch.
In the spring and summer season, the dry material that is useful is smooth and comfortable to wear without sticking to the skin.

The jacket is finished to a 4WAY reversible specification unique to MeanSwhile.
In addition to the normal reversible, it can be worn in 4 patterns by turning over from the hem.

Designed so that you can wear a variety of turns in the first place.

I designed it when traveling as much as possible.

Paper Touch Reversible 4WAY JKT
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Pants are classic slacks.



The silhouette can be adjusted by the side adjuster of the waist.

Flare silhouette that draws a beautiful line in the tightened state,

You can enjoy classic wide straight dressing when open.

Side Zip Paper Touch Slacks
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The shirt blouson is the perfect item for early spring.

Paper Touch Feather Blouson
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On a day when the temperature difference is severe, the best is recommended.


Side Slit Paper Touch Luggage Vest
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Enjoy your own styling by combining four products.