"Dyneema® Chest Bag & Minimal Wallet"

Cuben fiber / Cuben Fiber, which is made of very strong polyethylene fiber despite its ultra -lightweight, high durable material "Dyneema®", which is 15 times that of iron and more than 40%of aramid fiber. Introducing type 2 using.

First, chest bag.
If you actually wear it, it will look like this.

It can be opened and closed with a zipper, and is fixed to a 90 ° angle when opened.

It is also possible to use it as a workbench at hand, or to fix the tablet using the square rubber tape.

It is an item that has a unique appearance and practicality.

Dyneema® Chest Bag
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the other one isTravel wallet

It can store about 5 bills, coins and cards,It is compactly organized in Velcro.

The card case part can be taken out by pulling the built -in tape.

We designed not only to be lightweight and durable as a wallet for travel, but also that all functions can be accessed quick.

Dyneema® Minimal Wallet
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