"RECOMMENDED for Active Scenes"

It's time to enjoy the outdoors.

This time, it will be used in active scenes such as outdoorsIntroducing type 2 using twill stretch material.

First, shorts.

A twill stretch material featuring a supple elasticity that fits the movement of the body and a matte texture that is hard to be wrinkled and has excellent ingredients.

It has a light texture and has a lightweight feeling, and has excellent quick -drying properties.

The lining is a structure in which water droplets slide down by the unevenness of the invisible level and the method of woven fabric.

Non -laminated processing quickly releases sweat and moisture from inside to the outside, suppresses stuffiness and keeps it comfortable.

It is a perfect item along the sea and river.

It is a water stop zipper and protects the contents of the pocket.

On the waist, Equipped with a D -can to attach carabiners and key rings.

Tech Commuter Shorts
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And the cap of the same material color.

A familiar detail of the natural button, two needles baseball cap.
It is a classic style with a slightly deeper crown and a gentle curve brim.

The tape on the back of the head is a quick adjust specification that can be adjusted with one hand.

One -point embroidery is a moderate accent.

6panel Commuter CAP
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