【meanswhile × Dickies®】

Dickies Collaboration Item.

A name that requires no introduction, Dickies is a Workwear Brand Originally Hailing From Texas. In the 1940s, the u.s. armed Forcestered by the u.s. armedforces to make over 9 Million Uniforms.


Their T/C twill fabric comprises of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This combination is not only soft to the touch but allows for breathability, quick-dry and wrinkle-resistant properties.

Keeping these properties in mind, a 2 piece set was designed under this season’s theme of “form and function.”


The jacket’s pattern is pulled from vintage denim jackets. Its length was then shortened and width widened to allow for ease of movement. 

Action pleats were then applied to the front as well as sleeves to further increase mobility.


Pants feature an exaggerated wide, straight-leg silhouette.


 Belt loop detail and waist D-rings stay true to Dickies’ original design.

The waist is modelled after meanswhile’s classic Thai pant, allowing for easy size and silhouette adjustment.