Memory Gabardine Field Parka (Charcoal) / MW-JKT22102


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Item Description

M65 coat using memory gavadine.

A new functionality was given to the element of the original field jacket, such as a double waist pocket or a front open snap system.

Adjustment of the length can be adjusted by raising the waist draw cord.

Gz width adjustment is rubber spindle specification.

Memory material using shape storage yarn is adopted, and matte gloss and unique silhouette are formed. There is also water repellent function.

Memory Gabardine M65 Coat.

TRADITIONAL DESIGN DETAILS SEE A Modern Update Through A Double Lined WAIST Pocket and Snap Open Front System.

Length Is Adjustable Through a Waist Draw Cord, Width Is Adjustable Through a Rubber Spindle.

Utilizes A Slightly Matte Shape Memory Thread Which Gives This Piece ITS Unique Shape. Water Repellent.



Landing/ Length, Chest/ CHEST, Sleeve Length/ SLEEVE

1 (s)
Landing83 cmChest136 cmSleeve Length 54cm

2 (m)
Landing85 cmChest 141 cmSleeve Length 55.5cm

3 (L)
Landing87 cmChest 146 cmSleeve Length 57cm

4 (XL)
Length 89cmChest 151 cmSleeve Length58.5 cm

Weight / Weight
930 g


Model info

Height / Height
178 cm

Body weight / weight

Wear color / Color Worn
D. Navy, Charcoal

Wear size / SIZE WORN
3 (L)



Polyester 100%



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