Transition Color Glasses "Neutral Color" (DEMI × Amber Brown) / MW-AC22111

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Sunglasses using a light control lens of Nicon Transitions.

In response to ultraviolet light such as sunlight outdoors, the lens color changes from transparent to sunglasses.

In the room, it returns slowly to transparent in about 30 seconds.

Since the concentration also changes according to the ultraviolet density, it is comfortable without fatigue by wearing.

The frame asked the glasses manufacturer of Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture.

A gentle curve drawing temple and the shape of the nose and the like.

Lens color is amber brown in demonma.

Photochromic Nikon Lens Transition Sunglasses.

LENS TRANSITION INTO SUNGLASSES WHEN EXPOSED TO STRONG UV Rays. Will Gradually Return to its Normal State WHEN Back Indoors After 30 Seconds.

The Deepness of the Lens Color Will Reflect The Strength of Exposed UV Rays for to Reduce Fatigue.

Frame is Produced in Sabae, Japan, A City Renowned for Its Eyewear Manufacturing.

Slightly Curved Temple and Nose Pad Provides Comfort.

Black Frame Lens Changes to Pilot Green Color. Demi Frame Lens Changes to Amber Brown.




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39 g






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